Inspired curation

Bauhaus encouraged, intertwined with form and function, Flock combines loom-weaving with hand-weaving techniques.

Down to earth

Flock brings together an organic combination of seasonal tones; combined they make an earthy palette perfect for a sophisticated interior.

Perfect imperfect

Lines arranged in delightfully irregular patterns and rendered in kaleidoscopic colours and gradients, so that they seem to jump from their fibre substrate.
The lines of thread resembling twisting labyrinths or the silhouettes of age-old weave structures, rise from shimmering layers of interlaced Wool, Banana Silk and Viscose.

Colours are the smiles of nature


Flock-Living Ltd.; an interiors company specialising in textile flooring.
Manufacture, wholesale and distribution of flooring collections.


Concorde House
Grenville Place
London NW7 3SA
United Kingdom

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