Our Values

Sourced Ethically,
       Delivered Fairly

We are committed to nurturing artisanal craftsmanship.

We do not use child labour and our production materials are traceable.

Sustainability and eco-friendly values remain the bedrock of our hand-made production methodology – no mechanical/electrical input, simply human creativity and endeavour!

Our customers inspire us and our partnerships are based on respect and mutuality.

All About The Weave

As designers increasingly return to the grassroots of their craft, we at Flock present you with a collection of rugs and carpets, using natural fibres and applying traditional artisanal techniques.

The renaissance of the handmade element in weaving meets our desire to preserve artisanal crafts in new and modern ways.

A new contemporary aesthetic elevates the visual and the tactile appeal of woven flooring.

The processes of retting, scutching, hackling, drafting – the hand preparation of fibres for spinning and weaving into yarns – is steeped in history

Each piece is unique and tells its own story. Our hand-finished products have elegance along with environmental credentials

Ashoke Sethia
Founder & CEO

The journey of a
    modern artisan

From fibre to floor

Our experienced personnel actively source and secure the best plant materials and fibres.

Our skilled weavers use these intermediate products to produce our large yet intricate collection; comprising numerous different fibres, weave styles and designs.

Beauty and flexibility that can only be achieved through hand-made craftsmanship of the highest calibre.

The Flock Brand

Flock is a statement of Originality; it is a harmony of integrity, uniqueness and style.

It’s a modern lifestyle choice, capturing people’s wishes for individual expression and eclecticism, whilst honouring an ethical consciousness and a desire for authenticity.

Anjana Sethia
Founder, Director

Our Origins

The Sethia family have deep roots in the global Jute industry, emigrating from the Indian sub-continent to set up their first UK business in the late 1920's; wholesaling and distributing the “golden fibre” globally.

Jute acquired the title of the “Golden Fibre” as its’ usage mushroomed over time; particularly as an industrial input material. Diverse applications from rope-making, packaging, power cable production, interior car insulation, etc. including carpet & carpet backing!

As industrial applications grew, the beautiful fibre was devalued and its aesthetic properties forgotten.

Ashoke & Anjana have their familial roots from an area abundant with diverse flora and fauna. We both wanted to showcase and promote these in a unique and unprejudiced way. Our experimentation with different plant fibres led to the creation of an esoteric botanical rug collection, using reeds and plants such as Water Hyacinth, Okra, Rati, Kenaf, Makai, Hogla, Aloe and of course Jute; amongst others.

The remit being that they would be sustainably sourced and to provide social and economic sustenance to the local communities from which they originate.

From initial collections through to building a coterie of skilled artisans, Flock embraces the ethos of “Cradle to Cradle” values. We are constantly rethinking our use of common plant materials to create floorings of diverse character; highlighting the inherent beauty of the plant.

Ashoke Sethia


Anjana Sethia


Management Team

Dedicated to excellence

We are committed to nurturing artisanal craftsmanship.

We do not use child labour and our materials are traceable.

Our customers inspire us and our partnerships are based on respect and mutuality.


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