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Jute is known as the ‘Golden Fibre’ due to its predominant golden brown colour and its economic importance. Production and global consumption are second only to cotton.
Jute is environmentally friendly with a high yield per acre and, unlike cotton, with little need for pesticides and fertilisers.
Jute is part cellulose, part lignin. Cellulose is a major component of plant fibres whilst lignin is a major component of wood fibre; thus durable.
Jute fibre filaments are very long (1 to 4 metres) – making them strong and versatile. Silky, lustrous and tonal shades from golden brown to grey.
Jute has a low carbon footprint, it is biodegradable, feeds the soil and all parts of the plant can be used.

DESCRIPTION     Handmade
COMPOSITION    100% Natural Plant Fibre
FINISHING            Single border on both length ends
SIZES                     Standard, Custom (inc. shapes) & Rolls

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