Hand-Made Luxury

Expressions of originality & style

Using ecologically sourced natural fibres and hand-crafted by skilled artisans this collection provides a contemporary freshness surpassing more “modern” forms of flooring

The range comprises a contemporary twist to centuries old techniques of hand plaiting, spinning, weaving & tufting

The colour palette is inspired by the earthy hues of nature – natural tones, rich contemporary dyes and textures pre-dominate, providing a finished flooring product of the highest quality; adding beauty and style to contemporary and traditional interiors alike

The Flock Handmade Luxury Collections are both beautiful and highly original. Our fibres and rugs enjoy the following characteristics:
• From renewable and sustainable sources
• Naturally strong, resilient and durable
• Natural textures
• 100 % Hand-made
• Inherent beauty; natural tones, rich contemporary dyes and textures pre-dominate

Collections, utilising different techniques, include Gaïa Plaited Plant Fibre & Gaïa Wool Collection

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