Bespoke Luxury

Flock creates bespoke products for interior designers, interior architects, distributors and owners of residential & commercial projects.

Our experience in craft, technology, supply chain, production and design enables us to provide a knowledgeable and personalised service. Whether it is a custom item designed for a specific location or large real estate project, our wide-ranging experience makes us accomplished in both. Our bespoke services extend to both machine made and handmade products.

Flock machine made carpets are manufactured to the highest technical standards in mills possessing international accreditation, such as ISO 9001, approved by the British Standards Institution, or equivalent thereof. You can be assured your carpet is of the highest international standard.


If you need a specific design, colour or size, or, want professional insight to location specific challenges, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Our custom services includes the capability to create individual designs and customising existing products to meet your requirements.

Whether it is a capability to visualise your requirements or understand production challenges of a design, we work with you to create a product that satisfies your aesthetic values while delivering on quality and price points.

We push the boundaries of innovation, such as the use of plant fibre plaits, combining these with wool and other substrates and the use of specialist technical looms to create depth and variation in colour while optimising production costs to meet your price point objectives.



We work with interior designers, interior architects and project owners.

We allocate a project manager for all our projects. Every aspect of the project from brainstorming to approval of installed products is subject to strict quality control and implemented to plans managed on a hands on basis by your personal project manager.

Developing briefs, finalising designs, production plans, managing schedules and contractual documents are some of the extensive personalised project related services we provide to ensure seamless implementation.

Every project is different and poses a unique set of challenges, So whether it is an apartment complex, office, hotel or country club, following an understanding of your brief and budget, we will work on your behalf to research and present alternatives for you to consider irrespective of origin of product. Whether it is a bespoke design from our collections or products sourced from the global marketplace, rest assured, our commitment to the success of your project is in good hands when you come to us.


OEM Collections

Our OEM capabilities and knowledge of the global supply chain enable us to create unique collections for distributors, buying groups and other businesses in the supply chain. The processes we manage encompass artisanal piece work and advanced production technologies. We can provide variations from our existing collections or work with you to create a collection that fits your brand and commercial model.


Recent Projects

New Zealand House, London, UK

Common Areas, Lift Lobby and Stairways – Custom Tufted

Brussels, Belgium

Hotel Suites – Flock Tufted


Conference Centre – Custom Woven Axminster & Custom Hand Tufted
Beach Villas – Bespoke Wool & Flock Gaïa Plaited Rugs

Central London (Mayfair, Chelsea, Knightsbridge), UK

Private Residences – Flock Tufted & Flock Gaïa Plaited Rugs
Mansion Block, Common Areas & Stairways – Custom Woven Axminster


Private Residence – Flock Gaïa Plaited Rugs

St. Barths, French West Indies

Hotel Villa Rugs – Flock Gaïa Plaited Rugs


Inspired by our designs with a no. of international multi-site distributors / retailers

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